Victor Bekhet is the founder of VictorWealth. He is widely recognized as an articulate international business professional. Mr. Bekhet is ranked in the top tier ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) investment managers. He has over sixteen years of experience in the financial sector with a solid education and financial management experience, including negotiation, analytical analysis, forecasting, and valuation.

Mr. Bekhet is active in managing client portfolios. He has worked at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management division in Menlo Park, CA, where his primary focus was on managing Non-profit investments and High Net Worth clients’ assets. Subsequently at JPMorgan Chase, he effectively sought opportunities to assess enterprise risk management with regulations at multiple levels and ultimately managed million-dollar portfolios helping clients reduce their market risk and increase profit margins significantly.

Mr. Bekhet is an eloquent speaker at investment forums. He has authored several investment related guides. In 2012 Victor took his investment experience and founded VictorWealth where he helps clients with his special knowledge and expertise in the ESG Investing strategies . These strategies enable investors to reap the benefits of responsible, sustainable business, promote positive change through company engagement, and raise awareness of ESG issues. VictorWealth is dedicated to helping clients, employees, shareholders, and communities achieve financial security, economic mobility, and financial freedom.

He’s an engaging presenter and skilled written communicator. He believes to achieve results, they have to be performed with maximum impact and minimal cost. It is his goal to create winning investment strategies for his clients.

Mr. Bekhet earned his MBA in Finance from California State University-Hayward in 2004. Community advocacy is vital to Mr. Bekhet as he served as a member of the Board of Directors of Hosteling International USA Gold Gate Council for Eight years from 2006-2014. HI USA believes in the power of helping youth travel to foster a deeper understanding of people, places, and the world around.  

Mr. Bekhet chaired the Audit and Finance Committee of Placer County Grand Jury in term year 2017-2018. He is also a member of the California Association of Grand Jurors.